All conference activities will be held in the following rooms within the Campbell Student Union.
  • Social Hall : upstairs, largest room (Meals, Keynote Addresses, Breakout Sessions)
  • Assembly Hall 1 : upstairs, across from fireplace (Breakout Sessions)
  • Assembly Hall 2 : upstairs, across from fireplace (Breakout Sessions)
  • Conference Room 105G : downstairs by Game Room (Breakout Sessions)
  • Conference Room 105H : downstairs by Game Room (Breakout Sessions)


8:00 am - 8:30 am  I  Breakfast & Check In


Social Hall

Continental Breakfast


8:30 am - 9:45 am  I  Session 1


Assembly Hall 1

Panel Presentation: “An Interactive Session on ‘Walking the Talk’ in Leadership for Social Justice”

Ardella Dailey, Margaret Harris, Bobbie Plough, Peg Winkelman and Brad Porfilio, California State University (CSU)


Assembly Hall 2

Paper Presentations: Othering in the Classroom and through the Media

 - Amy Shema, University of Rochester “On the Pretense of Respect: Teachers’ Rationale for ‘Othering’ Students from Same-sex Headed Families”
 - Michele Ninacs, SUNY Buffalo State “Critically Composing Self and World in the Composition Classroom”
- Rhonda Reid, University at Buffalo “University Writing Centers and International ELL Experience: A Qualitative Study”
- Maria Guo, Teachers College, Columbia University “Ching Chong: A YouTube Legacy of Asian Immigrant Struggle”


Conference 105 G

Panel Presentation: “We’re Targeting Educational Reform for the 21st Century: But We’re Missing the Bulls-eye!”

Larry Maheady, Warren Gleckel and David Pomerantz, SUNY Buffalo State

Conference 105 H

Panel Presentation: “Considering Critical Youth Perspectives for Art Education”

Alice Pennisi, Michelle Bae-Dimitriadis and Darlene Garcia Torres, SUNY Buffalo State


10:00 am - 10:45 am  I  Welcome & Keynote


Social Hall

Welcome - Susan Birden, SUNY Buffalo State
Keynote: Wayne Au - “Techies, the Tea Party, and the Common Core: New Tensions in the Rightist Politics of Federal Education Reform”


11:00 am - 12:15 pm  I  Session II


Assembly Hall 1

Panel Presentation: “Confronting Marginalization, Critical Education Policy Studies, and the Need for Leadership for Change”

Megan Stadler, Eileen Flaherty, Tracie Michele Lewis, Lyndsey Todaro, Julia Hall and Mark Garrison (Chair), D’Youville College


Assembly Hall 2

Panel Presentation: “Refugees and Social (In)justice: Multilingual Programs Responding to the Educational Needs of Buffalo's Refugee Communities”

Ba Zan Lin, Durga Humai, Eric Gerschbacher, Erik Nevius, Faustina Sein, Govinda Subedi, Win Min Thant, John Siskar, Marta Cieslak and Maureen McCarthy, SUNY Buffalo State


Conference 105 G

Paper Presentations: Rethinking Transnational Imaginaries in Educational Theory and Policy

Alexander J. Means, SUNY Buffalo State “Education After Growth: Precarity Commons, and Post-Capitalism”
Derek R. Ford, Syracuse University “The Right to What Kind of City?: Education, Internationalism, and the Right to the City”
Laura Jordan Jaffee, Syracuse University "Disabling the Native: Disability, Settler Colonialism, and Humanitarianism”


Conference 105 H

Paper Presentations: Connecting with and through Community

Kathy Ralabate Doody, SUNY Buffalo State “Playing Together, Learning Together: Helping Parents Interact with their Children”
Sharon M. Peck, SUNY Geneseo “Connecting with Community through the Arts”
Irene Rosenthal, The College of St. Rose “A Partnership between a Literacy Graduate Program and a Refugee Center”
Carrie Freie, Penn State Altoona “The Master’s Tools: A Rural Community Charter School, Power, and Resistance”


Social Hall

Roundtable Presentation: “Creating Inclusive Classrooms through Transformative Pedagogy and Practices”

Charlotte L. Pass and Charles Green, SUNY Cortland


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm  I  Lunch Presentations & Keynote


Social Hall

Remembrance of the Life and Work of Greg Dimitriadis

Presented by Julie Gorlewski

2015 Equity and Social Justice Award – Dennis Carlson

Presented by Brad Porfilio

Keynote: Lois Weis - “Authentic Opportunities in the Midst of Deepening Social and Economic Inequalities: A Cautionary Note in the Face of Commitment to Equity”


1:45 pm - 3:00 pm  I  Session III


Assembly Hall 1

Paper Presentations: Educational Reform in the 21st Century

Sarah Solley, University at Buffalo “Review of the Core Knowledge Sequence”
Joseph Rayle, SUNY Cortland “Fighting Standardized Testing: Statistical Literacy for Advocates”
Elizabeth Hallmark, Courtney Hanny, Joseph Henderson and Lyle Jeremy Rubin, University of Rochester “Undemocratic Education: An Arendtian Analysis of the No Excuses Charter School Movement”
Andrea B. Nikischer and Vanessa Ludwig, SUNY Buffalo State“ Propaganda and Policy: An Investigation into Alleged Anti-Teacher’s Union and Pro-Charter School Bias in The Buffalo News”


Assembly Hall 2

Paper Presentations: Critical Race Perspectives

Hugh Burnam, Syracuse University “Ongweñoweñhkha' Deñhse' neh Gayaneñ•hsä•'go•nah (Original Peoples' Ways and the Great Law of Peace): A Haudenosaunee View on Social Justice in Education, Conflict, and Peace"
Kelsey John, Syracuse University "Discipline and Punishment of Institutionalized Identity: Indigenous Perspectives on Racial Identity in Higher Education"
Emily A. Daniels, SUNY Plattsburgh “Armed Love: Race, Criticality, & Freire in the Classroom”
Jacob Bartholomew, Syracuse University “I am Racist!: Strategies for Combating and Resisting Color-blind Student Narratives”


Conference 105 G

Panel Presentation: “Marxism and Critical Pedagogy: Vision, Resistance, and Education”

Rob Ruehl, St. John Fisher College, Curry Malott, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Derek R. Ford, Syracuse University


Conference 105 H

Paper Presentations: Othering and Resistance

Tiffany M. Nyachae, University at Buffalo “Mobilized Resilience as an Antithetical to Neoliberal Notions of Innate Resilience and Grit: A Multiple Case Study of Successful Adults who Experienced Childhood Poverty”
Jessica Sierk, University of Nebraska- Lincoln “Religious Literacy in Multicultural Education: Combating the ‘Othering’ of Refugee Students”
Lifang Wang, Syracuse University “Counter-Discourses and Alternative Knowledge: Rural Chinese Female University Students Resisting the Discourse of Quality in China”
Freiwot Wondimu Wuhib, Syracuse University “A Triple Disadvantage of Refugees in US Schools: A Narrative of a Recently Arrived Refugee in an Urban High School”


Social Hall

Roundtable Presentation: “Uncommon Action: Using Music, Movement, and Poetry to Explore Social Justice Issues”

Rachel Dentinger, Syracuse University


3:15 pm - 4:30 pm  I  Session IV


Assembly Hall 1

Panel Presentation: “The Engaged University: Successes and Challenges in Creating Community Partnerships in Education”

Teresa Miller, Karen L. King, Theresa Miller, Jeff Kujawa, Monika McFoy and Letitia Thomas, University at Buffalo


Assembly Hall 2

Paper Presentations: Community and Radical Education

Ba Zan Lin, SUNY Buffalo State "Transformative Impacts of Culturally Sensitive, Place-Based Fish Consumption Workshops on Burmese Refugees that Conduct Subsistence Fishing in Polluted Waterways”
Emily Perkins, University of Rochester "Homeless Education, Citizenship, and Identity: Unraveling the Genealogical Threads of the Mckinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2001”
Joanne M.C. Lalonde and Alishia A. Valeri, University of Ottawa "Food (in) security pedagogy/education in, with and for the community: The academy’s moral responsibility towards transformational research”
Robert Haworth and John Elmore, West Chester University of Pennsylvania “Divergent Directions in Radical Learning Spaces”


Conference 105 G

Paper Presentations: Neoliberalism and Education

Mark Garrison and Heather Roberts-Mahoney, D’Youville College “Radical Behaviorism and Neoliberalism”
David Wolken, Syracuse University "A Critical Pedagogy of the Absurd: Rebellion, Impotential, and Social Transformation”
Alexander J. Means, SUNY Buffalo State “Machine Learning, Big Data, and the Biopolitics of Acceleration”
Dana Morrison Simone, University of Delaware “The (A)Political PhD”


Conference 105 H

Panel Presentation: “Education, Reform and the Voices of Students and Teachers”

Mary Cannito-Coville, Aysha Seedat and Jason Ashley, Syracuse University


4:30 pm  I  Farewell

Farewell Remarks


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